Dog Kennels in the 21st Century

Dog Kennels in the 21st Century

For every dog owner out there, the problem of housing our pets especially outdoors is always a complicated one. These furry creatures have been around

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For every dog owner out there, the problem of housing our pets especially outdoors is always a complicated one. These furry creatures have been around for the longest of time and will continue to a part of our lives as we continue to exist. They are not called man’s best friend for nothing after all. Dogs have been bestowed that special relationship to man because ever since prehistoric times it has been theorized that man as a species may not have survived at all if not for dogs. The theory is sound and it stated that because we befriended dogs, we were able to survive attacks by predators because dogs both alerted and protected us from them. We actually owe dogs and dogs are here to stay. It is our turn to take care of them.

A dog kennel back then is not given much thought. But nowadays a whole new industry has sprung up around the care for our beloved pets. From simple kennels with the pitched roofing to chain-linked monstrosities and to adorable molded plastic kennels, they come in all shapes and sizes. This is very important for dog owners and they will spend a lot of time and effort in choosing the right one. the best Dog Kennels can be found at – and this is just one of the many online shopping sites for dogs that can be found all over the internet.

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The best kennels would have the best features like a rolling tray underneath, it would be at just the right size depending on the breed of dog that will occupy it, it would be a combination of wood, plastic, and metal. It would be designed not to injure any dog that occupies it and it would keep out other animals that might try to harm your pet. They would be weatherproof and will provide shelter for your pet in any weather outside save for a raging blizzard.

A number one feature among all these Dog Kennels would be that it’s going to be clean. It will be designed to be clean and usually designed so that the dogs’ feet will not slip into the mesh and harm themselves. This pooping area if you will would be separate from where they lay down and rest and play. A dirty kennel where pets lie in their own excrement is a sure sign of neglect. Another indicator of a great kennel is that it will be designed to be able to have fresh water always and that it will be easy to replenish. A good kennel should always have this feature. A high-quality kennel will also have easy to clean floors, metal and epoxy treated flooring would be ideal for easy cleaning, others will have rubber matting. A wooden flooring will just trap odor and encourage bacterial growth which is never good for anyone’s health.

The durability of a good kennel available at should not be overlooked. Especially for larger dog breeds. Pressure treated wood for walls, PVC decking, rubber or epoxy treated floors are some of the features that will make a nice and durable kennel for your pet.