Everything You Need To Know About Labradors!

Everything You Need To Know About Labradors!

The lovely and renowned Labrador retriever has been seen by many as the most suitable pet around the planet.Historically perfectly suited for hunting

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The lovely and renowned Labrador retriever has been seen by many as the most suitable pet around the planet.Historically perfectly suited for hunting and especially to hunt with gun sportsmen, the Labrador has rightfully earned the title of the perfect “gun dog.”

They are outstanding working companions which are put to use many reasons, as in blind dogs, personal protection and of course with their fierce loyalty and friendly temperament they make the more than perfect pet.

Body Proportions

Labradors have a strong, well-built body with square proportions, and is actually classified as a working dog.

  • This beautiful dog’strademark characteristic feature is a strong jaw set ina broad head.
  • Labradors also have strong legs and shoulders, which add power to their fast pace.

An adult will stand at around 53 to 64 centimetres in height at the highest part of its back, with a weight of about 23 to 36 kilogrammes.

  • Their coat is straight, dense, and short, with the outer coat being somewhat coarse, and the undercoat thick and soft.
  • This makes a Labrador practically waterproof! What with the thick undercoat protecting the skin, and the outer guard coat whisking any water away, it must be related to a duck!

Carrying Themselves Well and Matters of Colour

Labradors do have a certain proudness about themselves, carrying themselves with an upright, almost elegant demeanour, but carrying with it an amiable facial expression which definitely gives off a friendly ambience and endears them to their owners.

As you must have already seen many times already, Labradors are found in black, chocolate, and yellow, with black being the most favoured, with chocolate not far behind. The nose’s colour is commonly the same as the colour of the hair, without any fading.

  • Any other hues are the result of cross breeding and are not viewed as being purebred Labrador Retrievers.

Their eyes clearly radiate friendliness and also give the impression of being intelligent and kind.


Labradors usually have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years and even longer if fed a healthy diet. It is in your best interest also to take out Labrador dog insurance, in order to have your lovely pet covered for anything untoward in the future.

Matters of Personality

The Labrador retriever, as mentioned above, has a natural born instinct for hunting and adores roaming. If they are trained in the proper manner, they will throughout their lives be active, but calm and obedient.

Swimming and retrieving are their mostfavourite activitiesand they are superb hunters, and even ideal swimming partners!Anyone who is thinking of owning one must clearly understand that exercise is a must to keep not only keep them in great shape, but keep them happy.

  • Labradors love to learn, are great to get along with, and also with other animals, children, and just about every single person they come into contact with.

The temperament of a Labrador makes one anabsolute first class choice for all families and you will certainly have no regrets if obtaining one as a pet!