Cat Tower Shopping Tips

Cat Tower Shopping Tips

What is a cat tower? They come under several names. Cat towers are also called cat condominiums, cat trees or sports halls. The cat tower is a piece o

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What is a cat tower? They come under several names. Cat towers are also called cat condominiums, cat trees or sports halls. The cat tower is a piece of furniture designed to stimulate your cat’s natural playful inclination to scratch, climb, and hide. Here are some features to consider when buying a feline friend.

Does it offer a convenient retreat? Many cats enjoy their own corner, for example, under the bed or behind a window curtain. Cat towers can also provide this shelter with small dens or beds with soft huts with luxurious sides, where your kitten can hide or cuddle for a quick nap. If your cat likes your “lonely time”, consider a tower that offers you a place where you can feel safe.

Do you have a scratch post? Cat towers often include several features, but perhaps the most important aspect from the pet owner’s point of view is the presence of an exit for sharp claws. If you give your cat the perfect place to scratch and encourage its use, you can prevent unwanted damage to other furniture. Scratches are often covered with ropes or carpets, and some even contain smells that naturally attract cats.

Cat towers

Is it fun? If you have a playful kitten, then the tower you need may include built-in toys, such as hanging ropes, playing pipes or hanging mice. The more options the cat tower offers, the more chances you have to entertain your pet and help him get the necessary exercises and stimulation while away.

Is it scalable? Since most cats like to climb, they prefer higher towers, because the extra height allows them to see everything in their environment. A good cat tower can also have a convenient platform on which your pet can sit. There your cat can see activity in the room, becoming attached to her old instinct of the stem. However, do not forget to measure the roof before buying a tall tower, as some have a height of over 7 feet.

Is it big enough? If you have several cats in your home, you may need a cat tower that doubles the amount of amenities. Look for options that go beyond the story. In addition, choose one with two or three cabins so that your cats do not fight for the only comfortable retreat. Towers specially built for several cats are also more likely to withstand the extra wear that several cats can deliver.

Ask yourself these five questions before buying can prevent you from spending a lot of money on a piece that is neglected in the corner of your room. These tips will help you find a cat tower that offers comfort, exercise, and entertainment to your happy pet. 

How to build a cat’s tower without breaking the bank

You have seen these complex and expensive climbing for cats at the pet store, and you know that your kitten would like to have its own place, away from the dog and children, and not on the top shelf of your closet. With some imagination, basic woodworking, pieces of wood, and carpets that you probably already have on hand, you can build your own tree for cats.


You need a plan

You need to plan where this new piece of furniture will go and how much space it will have for it. Are your eyes bigger than your living room? Get out of this roulette and be sure.

Look at the materials you have on hand. You will need a piece of good-sized plywood for the foundation so that the cat tree has good stability. No kittens, do not break, please! You will also need something to post. Wooden fences work well, just keep in mind that they are heavy. How many carpets do you have on hand? Do you plan to cover publications with carpet or with platforms only? How many platforms?


The design of the tower for climbing your cat will depend largely on the materials you have at hand, the place you have for the tower, what you want to spend on additional materials, and, of course, on the number of cats which you will use, it is!