Things to look for when finding a pet relocation service

Things to look for when finding a pet relocation service

According to some statistical analysis more than 80% of American people own some kind of pets and they love to be accompanied by their pets while trav

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According to some statistical analysis more than 80% of American people own some kind of pets and they love to be accompanied by their pets while traveling anywhere. Although, they possess a concept that their pet would make their summer vacation or weekend getaway more memorable and enjoyable, yet it should be kept in mind that the pet’s traveling process is not the same as human beings. For instance, if you want to go anyway, you just require to ride on your motorcycle or get your car out from the garage, wear the seatbelt on and drive to your desired location. But, when your pet is with you, you need to take some certain measures to make the move smooth for your fur-baby.

Besides that, if you are planning to fly, you just need to book your air tickets, off to the airport on your scheduled date, get the custom procedures done, go to the flight cabin, buckle up your seatbelt and enjoy flying. But the scenario won’t be similar with your pet.

Traveling or transporting pets need an ample amount of research and proper knowledge about the ins and outs of the whole shipping procedure. You require to plan a perfect shipping for your pet if you don’t want to let your fondle face unexpected incidents during transportation.

All the above mentioned situations would make your whole traveling process more complex. So, if you want a systematic and safer shipment of your pet, you must go for hiring a professional pet shipping service to do the job on your behalf.

Before hiring a transport service, you need to consider checking some qualities for choosing the right shipper as you desire. Here are some tips listed below to select the best pick:

Check the IPATA membership of the transport company 

The prior concern to hire an efficient service provider to check if the company is IPATA certified or not. Additionally, the associates of the certain company must be aware of the updated rules and policies about pet shipping service. They also should have dedication in demonstrating their ability of being flexible with the continuous changing rules and process of pet shipping due to the current world situation.

USDAand BBB affiliation

The company should be registered by the top animal related agency of the United States, USDA. They ensure the safe and hassle free journey for the transported pets.

Besides, the company must be BBB, Better Business Bureau accredited. This association carefully looks after the customers’ requirements and acts accordingly.

Awareness of different pet shipping rules and requirements 

Different countries as well as different states have their own pet policies. It is very important for the shipping company to be conversant about the latest pet shipping regulations and essentials. They should be able to provide you the current information like medical needs, domestic and international pet travel barring, the best airline for pet shipping etc. Check out if they are collaborating with the best airways then book it without thinking out.

Service types

Make sure that the company is a full-packaged service provider or works partly. Moreover, they should ensure that they would be able to provide door to door service, medical facilities, vet services etc. Also, the customer service system should be available 24/7 and liable to update you about your pet’s shipping.


It is said that experience makes practices better and helps to execute the plan smoothly. So, check out if the company is a newbie or experienced. Though, new service providers use the latest concepts of shipping animals, yet comparatively old companies can do the job efficiently as it’s team is experienced enough because of dealing with different behaved animals.

Reasonable charge 

The most important part is to verify and compare the shipping cost among several companies. Check out the pet allowance or tax deduction if your moving is related to job relocation. It is better to choose an affordable price, though the safety of  your pet can’t be measured by money.

Previous customer reviews 

Research and review your hired service provider’s reputation and reliability towards their job. Carefully go through the comments of the previous service buyers of the particular shipping agency. Prefer hiring the company that has more positive remarks.

Customer service system 

Choose a pet transport service that has a 24 hours customer service facility. As being departed from your fondle for a long time can make you anxious about its well-being, a good communicative customer service can lessen your stress in that case.